Diabetes and Cinnamon


There was a time when my sister came home from the grocery store with several grocery bags with five packets of cinnamon included. Yes, I knew that cinnamon was used for baking and coffee, but I was still dumbfounded. None of us knew how to bake, and we weren’t coffee drinkers, either. She caught my

Diabetes and Children

Diabetes and Children

Do you notice your child going to the potty more often than usual? Is he always so hungry and thirsty but still lose weight? Is he always tired and irritable? Does he complain of having a blurry vision? If your answer is yes to more than one of these questions, then your child might have

Mothers with Diabetes: Will Our Children Suffer, too?

mother with diabetes

Worried that your child might develop diabetes? If you’re a woman who has type 1 diabetes, the chance of your children (or future children) having type 1 diabetes as well is about 5%. If you’re already a mother with it and you gave birth to a child before you turned 25, the probability is decreased

Gestational diabetes

Gestational diabetes

During pregnancy, frequent urination, nausea, fatigue, and recurring bladder and vaginal infections usually happen, that’s why there are pregnant women who don’t know that they have gestational diabetes until their doctor does their blood test. Gestational diabetes is the type of diabetes diagnosed in non-diabetic pregnant women who have high blood sugar levels. 3-6% of

Traveling with insulin

traveling with insulin

For Type one diabetics and diabetics diagnosed with Type two and requiring insulin injections, traveling brings on a whole new set of challenges. One particular area of concern for some is keeping up with insulin. How do you properly plan for a trip to ensure that you have what you need? Never the less, the

Improving your HbA1c level

HbA1c level

There are 2 ways of improving your HbA1c level, and the best way is a combination of both. 1. Eating a healthful diet will help by switching to smart carbohydrates, emphasizing low-glycemic (low-GI) load foods. So think about the glycemic index of foods before choosing them. The glycemic index measures how much and how quickly

Diabetes and depression

Diabetes and depression

Earlier studies showed associations between high blood sugar and depression, but it was not clear whether the Type two diabetes causes the depression, or vice versa. Depression has been found to be twice as common in people with diabetes, and often the depression is much more severe and lasts longer than in non-diabetics. The London

Two tips for diabetics diets

diabetics diets

Eliminate ALL Trans Fat From Your Diet and Your Family’s Diet Immediately All people should do this. Never the less, if you have diabetes, pre-diabetes, or you’re at risk for diabetes, it’s absolutely critical that you do this as soon as possible and be strict about it. There is no “safe” level of trans fat.

Trans Fat and Diabetes

Trans Fat

What Is Trans Fat? First and foremost, trans fat is poison to the human body and causes diabetes. Second, it’s an artificial human-engineered oil that your body is not designed to handle. Third, it was invented to make food companies more money, not because it provided any health benefit to the consumer. Companies have many

The glucometer


In these days, no one is actually safe from getting diabetes. It’s one disease that can strike anyone, young and old alike. If you become diabetic, the most important thing besides watching your meals is to monitor the level of your blood sugar. This can easily and conveniently be done by using a glucometer, a