Improving your HbA1c level

HbA1c level

There are 2 ways of improving your HbA1c level, and the best way is a combination of both.

1. Eating a healthful diet will help by switching to smart carbohydrates, emphasizing low-glycemic (low-GI) load foods. So think about the glycemic index of foods before choosing them. The glycemic index measures how much and how quickly a particular food will make your blood sugar rise. It’s determined by the type of carbs and fiber contained in the food. High-GI foods, such as white bread and white rice, gives you a quick blood sugar boost that also fades quickly, leaving you hungry again. A GI of fifty or below is considered low. Fruits and vegetables tend to have low-glycemic indices, while highly processed foods with high carb content tend to have high indices. 10 large cherries, for instance, have a GI of 22. One deep-fried doughnut, on the other hand, has a GI of 75.

2. In conjunction with a healthy diet, physical activity will help to burn calories and help to increase insulin sensitivity. If you cannot exercise for thirty minutes in one sitting, split it into 3 ten minute smaller workouts. 10 minutes here and there adds up to health benefits for your body. Any way you can increase your physical activity during your day will help.

According to research at Washington University, Saint Louis, people with Type two diabetes also respond well to psychological counseling, anti-depressant medications, or a combination of both. Making special effort to lower your stress level through exercise, meditation, or other means, can also help.

Controlling blood sugar can also lead to improvements in depression.