The glucometer


In these days, no one is actually safe from getting diabetes. It’s one disease that can strike anyone, young and old alike. If you become diabetic, the most important thing besides watching your meals is to monitor the level of your blood sugar. This can easily and conveniently be done by using a glucometer, a device for measuring blood sugar levels.

Many people may consider blood sugar monitoring an expensive activity. It may be so but not necessarily because glucometers are expensive. What makes the process expensive are the test strips and the fact that one needs to regularly check the levels, usually several times within the same day. For someone operating under a limited income, it was in the past a big challenge to acquire these test strips. It often meant that one had to forego proper meals to afford the strips. This was no good news bearing in mind that it’s critical for a diabetic to be on a proper diet.

I highly recommend you go through this information diligently, the matter and the suggestions have plenty of variations. The good news is that there have been changes in the laws recently and now insurance companies are required to cover up to eighty percent of the total diabetics testing supplies. That includes a glucometer batteries and of course testing strips. If you don’t have insurance cover and your income is small, you also have a reason to relax. There several financial assistance groups that can help you. All you need to do is closely follow the guidelines provided so you can be considered for a free glucometer.

There is also the option of going online to get a free glucometer. There are several companies that provide online forms that you may fill and have them send you a free glucometer. You however need to be under a medical care insurance cover. When you go to filling in the online form, you should be sure to provide all the necessary information. You may be required to give the name of your physician, your prescription and Medicare insurance policy. Once the form is completed and you hit the submit button, you’ll simply wait for the company to mail the supplies to you residence.

Some pharmacies also offer free glucometers. It’s not necessary for this kind of offer for one to be under an insurance cover. All you need to do is buy other diabetes supplies, test strips for example, and the pharmacies will give you a free glucometer.

If all these methods don’t suit you, you still have the option of going directly to the manufactures of glucometers. The manufactures have quite a number of provisions under which low-income earners can comfortably fit.